Thursday, January 24, 2008

today is really not my day

i really get a lots of frustrated today.the jpj test and the muet result.all i can conclude is today is really not my day.i really thought i can pass it...but i just don't nail it in the end.i think it just kinda envy things as everything is not good for me today.i know i am kinda self assessment when i think like this.but i cant do anything.i just angry,sad,desperate.maybe i just over confident all the time.i believe this is one of my really feels bad when what u thought,what u've done,and consequences are not exactly what u expected it to be.
about the muet test,i really have no idea.although i act like i just want to get band 3 at the first time(at least)...but that is really not me...i am the kind of person who always dream big and hope big...with the result...i just feel sad...i thought i can do better...but anyway...all my dreams always end up like this...i used to deal with it.
now,i just hope that tomorrow's sun will shine my day...

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