Saturday, July 4, 2009

Orientation Week

here i'm going to share my orientation week in UTM international campus.
the first day was a disaster,used up most of the time to WAIT for registration.
they claimed it was a TECHNICAL PROBLEMS.
anyway,i finished all the proses after 5 hours.
i'm in the group of fortunately because quite a number of them couldn't finish all the proseses at the and of the day.
then i arrived at my college,Kediamanan Siswa Jaya.
the college basically got 3 blocks,1 for girls and 2 for boys.
the facilities are including dobi,washing machine,cafeteria,tennis court,football court,basketball court and others...
about my roommate,ling,she is actually cousin of one of my colleagues when i was working.what a coincident ^_^

malam Kebudayaan

i actually got performed in coir with 11 girls and 1 the way the guy is really cute and talented,coz he played guitar for ur,and he has such a good voice,and very gentleman...but frus...he is younger that me la...t.t

Sport's Day
from the left(ling,me,mei yee,alice)
and last thing is i feel kinda guity coz i slept in all the speeches even i sat at first row...
i must not do that again..

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